Saturday, December 13, 2008

For Random Memory Posts

I'm creating this thread with the hope that it will make it easier for others to post their memories...sort of a catch all.

If anyone has photos they wish to post, email me the photos and I'll post them for you!

Thanks, Sheri

Ron's Memory Marker

This is a photo of Ron's memory marker. I want to personally thank Tom Wiley for sending it to me.

To Tom, along with Jim, Steve, and Max, Ron's brothers, if not by blood, certainly by spirit and love, thank you. Through your thoughts and actions, Ron lives on.

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Crosswind-Ron Noe Memorial Scholarship" Information

Crosswind PM announces creation of
"Crosswind-Ronnie Noe Memorial Scholarship"

October 26, 2007, Carrollton, Texas

The Crosswind—Ron Noe Memorial Scholarship is a scholarship made available to graduating students from Wamego High School who plan to continue their education in the arts, business, or technology fields.

The scholarship is awarded each year on March 15th. Applications are available within the Wamego High School guidance office. Criteria for the award will focus on areas that were of interest to Ron and how they relate to his love for music (Arts, Business, and Technology). Also influencing the award will be a candidate's efforts in helping grow or mentor others as Ron did with Crosswind President Tony Johnson.

Crosswind President Tony Johnson had the following to say about the scholarship. "In creating this scholarship, it provides an opportunity to continue what Ronnie did with so many, and allow that impact he had on people to continue. I remember when I was 15 years old and met
Ronnie, how he was a mentor to me in helping me grow and evolve.

"To this day, a lot of those lessons I learned from him and others while riding in the blue school bus, I still apply as we operate Crosswind with products sold in 41 countries. This scholarship will help young people who want to grow and develop, discover what the world has for them, a chance to do so."

For further information contact:
Crosswind Project Management Inc.
214-764-1338 X7102 or info@...
attn: Denise Nichols
General Manager

A Note from Sheri:

What a wonderful way to honor Ron. Perhaps, in time, they will broaden this award to include students at Manhattan High, Ron's high school. I hope so. Thanks, Tony, for doing this.